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Pantone Plastics Transparent & Opaque Selector - PPTQ100
Pantone Plastics Transparent & Opaque Selector - PPTQ100
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Varenavn: Pantone Plastics Transparent & Opaque Selector - PPTQ100
Varenummer 9256
Lev. varenummer PPTQ100
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Our plastics colour system provides a way for designers and manufacturers alike to accurately specify colours for their products.
This comprehensive system contains 1740 transparent and opaque colour references including a complete range of chromatics, browns, grays, pearlescents, fluorescents and metallics.
The opaque selector includes over 900 cross-references to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM and PANTONE TEXTILE Colour System.
Each colour chip provides three steps of thickness to display different levels of translucency.
Chips are conveniently arranged and stored in custom three-ring binders.
All chips have a gloss finish - opaque chips also include a matte finish.

Product components include:
PANTONE PLASTICS opaque selector
(1 005 colours, 3 binders)
PANTONE PLASTICS transparent selector
(735 colours, 2 binders)

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