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    Normal Leveringstid: 3-7 dage
    REA Audit Trail
    Varenr.: 93058
    • 8.995,00  DKK 
      ekskl. moms
    Normal Leveringstid: 3-7 dage
    REA Code Analysis
    Varenr.: 93061
    The REA Code Analysis is an optional software extension for all REA verification devices. In many applications, data is used which is built according to an internally define structure (proprietary data). REA Code Analysis provides these requirements in a table. The code content is thus checked for its correctness.
    • 2.812,00  DKK 
      ekskl. moms
    Normal Leveringstid: 3-7 dage
    REA Product Database - ScanLink - Verification of data structure
    Varenr.: 93059
    The REA Product Database adds an additional feature to a REA verification device – a database query function. Product numbers that are read are translated into a plain text description. This function allows an increased control of the codes to verify that correct codes are on the packaging material and confirms that the data information (e.g. best before date) matched the print and product number.
    • 1.650,00  DKK 
      ekskl. moms
    Normal Leveringstid: 3-7 dage
    REA ScanLink
    Varenr.: 93060
    ISO standardization defines a clear user data structure which is encodes in different barcodes and data matrix codes. REA ScanLink knows this data structures and provides a detailed analysis. Information about the origin if the code and data fields (item number, data information, lots etc.) are reported. If a code does not incorporate such a data structure then this is highlighted and reported as an error.
    • 1.817,00  DKK 
      ekskl. moms
    Normal Leveringstid: 3-7 dage
    Optional Symbologies
    Varenr.: 92723
    • 2.437,00  DKK 
      ekskl. moms
    Normal Leveringstid: 3-7 dage
    TransWin32 – Evaluation Software (without manual)
    Varenr.: 92722
    • 4.923,00  DKK 
      ekskl. moms
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